Stay focused on your composition

Content Authoring

Too often our attempts to compose something meaningful is blocked by superficial eye-candy. A distraction-free writing tool can help you stay focused on your composition, regardless of whether you're writing something technical, or blogging to expand your market, or wireframing your next web app.


The joy of distraction-free writing

A renaissance of sorts is under way, with authors eschewing the use of heavy feature-laden word processors in favor of a distraction-free writing experience hearkening back to the time before WYSIWYG.
distraction-free,symbolic endophrasing,text-within-code,code-within-text


Taking markdown to the next level

Github has taken the humble README file and elevated it to star status by using Markdown. But after you've written a few of those, you start hoping that something will come along to take it to the next level.
Markdown,github flavored,README


A simple tool for a simple task

Who needs a complicated user interface just to say what's on your mind?
complicated user interface,minimalist interface


From wireframes to finished pages

Creating wireframes is an excellent way for designers to communicate their intentions to software developers, but all too often, their work is referenced once and thrown away.
user interface,wireframes,polished product


Tools for people with something to say

Read Write Tools makes software for writers, and writers come in many flavors: authors, bloggers, poets, scientists, software engineers, technical writers, webmasters, and ... what about you?
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Stay focused on your composition

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