Enliven your words with inline styling


With BLUEPHRASE, your words are always first and foremost, so sentences and paragraphs need no special treatment. When phrases need emphasis, surround them with styling doppelmarks.

Styling doppelmarks are two consecutive less-than and greater-than characters << ... >> , which surround the words that need emphasis. Here are a few examples:

Budapest has two sides: the city of <<i Buda>> on the hilly west bank of the Danube, and the city of <<i Pest>> on the prairies to the east. 
Buda may have the palace, but Pest houses the dazzling <<b neo-Gothic Hungarian parliament>> with its superlative interior.
The ramparts of the old <<u Citadella fortress>> provide stunning vistas over the Danube.
<<q Visit Buda but stay in Pest>> is the best advice for visitors.

Styling notation

These are the inline-styling semantax available in BLUEPHRASE:

qQuotation marks
qShort quote
emStressed emphasis
supSuperscript, for footnote references
subSubscript, for chemical formulas
kbdRepresents keyboard input, shown in a monospaced fontface
varA mathematical variable
bdoReverse the reading direction of the enclosed text
bdiIsolate the right-to-left text from its surrounding left-to-right text.
insA section of text added in a subsequent draft of the manuscript
delA section of text removed from a previous draft of the manuscript
spanAll purpose
sampSample output from a computer program, shown in a monospaced fontface
markMarked or highlighted text
abbrUsed with acronyms, where the "title" attribute contains its definition, and on hover, it is shown as a tooltip
codeRepresents computer source code, shown in a monospaced fontface
dataA wrapper to associate a machine-readable value with corresponding text
timeA date or time in the Gregorian calendar
small"The small print", or disclaimers; one fontsize smaller than the enclosing block
strongStrong importance



Enliven your words with inline styling

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