Polishing your composition and setting it free

Final Results

When your composition is nearing completion polishing it and getting it published is all that's left. For a seamless desktop to Web experience, the Read Write Serve HTTP/2 web server is the best way to go. But don't underestimate the versatility of BLUEPHRASE. It's much more than just HTML. Use it to generate Markdown documents with Wow!, and configuration files your users will appreciate.


Finding and fixing typos

Read Write Tools' spellchecker puts a twist on this indispensable helper. Instead of popping up one-word at a time, or highlighting with squiggly red lines, the RWT spellchecker displays all your potential misspellings in one unified listing.


Polygot emitters in action

BLUEPHRASE can be used to represent many structured languages, and instant conversion is possible with the dedicated emitters that are built into the BLUE PROCESSOR.
HTML,Markdown,github flavored,wikitext,XML,JSON,Yaml,TOML,INI


Lossless conversion — every jot and tittle

Chances are, you already have a big investment in web pages. Fortunately, you can reuse every bit of it with Read Write Tools software.
RWREUSE,jot and tittle,lossless transformation,round-trip compatible


Get your words out there

The final step in every writing project is getting your work in front of your intended audience. Read Write Tools software generates finished compositions suitable for various publishing platforms.


XML ≤ JSON ≤ Yaml ≤ Blue

Software developers have been fiddling with configuration files for far too long: INI files, XML, Plists, JSON, Yaml, TOML, ... have we missed any?
INI,XML,PList,JSON,Yaml,TOML,keyword values,attributes,hierarchical structure,comments,include pragmas


The easy way to put BLUEPHRASE on the Web

With Apache and NGINX, your BLUEPHRASE documents need to be served as HTML, meaning that you'll have to manage both html and blue documents in your version control system. Not so with Read Write Tools' RWSERVE.

Polishing your composition and setting it free

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