Common formatting tasks made simple

Formatting Your Words

Formatting you words can give them structure and enliven them. Common arrangements like bulleted lists and tables of data are easily created with BLUEPHRASE. There are few limits to achieving a gorgeous layout, because everything is handled by CSS.


Chances are, you already know how to do this

Styling your composition is an art unto itself. BLUEPHRASE keeps this work separate from the work of writing, by delegating it to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
id,classnames,style,inline declarations,style block,external declarations,targeting semantax,classnames,identifiers


Enliven your words with inline styling

With BLUEPHRASE, your words are always first and foremost, so sentences and paragraphs need no special treatment. When phrases need emphasis, surround them with styling doppelmarks.
styled phrases,bold,italicize,underline,quote


Give your readers the visual clues they need to really explore

Poor structuring can turn your readers away — who wants to struggle through a wall of words? Good structuring becomes an invitation to the reader to immerse themselves in what you have to offer.


Tired of fussing with bulleted list?

When it comes to word processors, it seems like bulleted lists are never quite right — there's always a bit too much fiddling around with the paragraphs above and below. And nested lists? ... forget it!
ul,ol,li,implied semantax,nested lists


Arranging your data into tabular form has never been so easy!

Creating HTML tables has always been a study in perseverance. If you work at it long enough you eventually get the results you want.
html tables,classic notation,implied notation,inline notation

Common formatting tasks made simple

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