Use enclosures for patterned templates

Organizing Your Writing

Making a template is straightforward when you begin with a well-structured sample of your own writing. Just identify the parts that vary and turn them into substitution variables. Then separate the original composition into the part that's unique and the part that's a pattern. Voilà. You're ready to make your first enclosure.


Bringing the pieces together

When your writing project becomes involved, it's often convenient to split it into sections, each saved to a separate file.
include pragma


An innovative approach to templating

Pulling together the pieces of a document using include pragmas is fine, but BLUEPHRASE goes one further with its innovative enclosure templating.
enclosures, consistent framing, automatic decorations


The missing HTML verb has been found

So what's the deal with HTML not having an 'include' feature? Countless solutions have arisen to solve this problem, but few are as straightforward as BLUEPHRASE.
include pragma


Declare variables on-the-fly and use them anywhere

Declaring and using variables in your BLUEPHRASE templates gives them the flexibility to be used over and over.

Use enclosures for patterned templates

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