The easy way to put BLUEPHRASE on the Web


With Apache and NGINX, your BLUEPHRASE documents need to be served as HTML, meaning that you'll have to manage both .html and .blue documents in your version control system.

Not so with Read Write Tools' RWSERVE.

With the RWSERVE HTTP/2 Server your .blue documents become your single source of truth. Consider these advantages:

  • BLUEPHRASE documents are compiled by the server into HTML in milliseconds, imposing virtually no latency.
  • Compiled documents are kept in server cache, eliminating the need for compilation except when the source document changes.
  • Documents assembled from enclosure and include pragmas, are recompiled on-the-fly whenever dependent templates are changed.
  • Document images, scripts, fonts and style sheets can take advantage of HTTP/2 PUSH technology to be sent to the browser even before the web page itself has finished loading!

Put your BLUEPHRASE documents online without the fuss!

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The easy way to put BLUEPHRASE on the Web

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